Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pounds for Hounds fundraiser for Pawsitive Connections

Hello friends and family,

As some of you may know I have been involved with an animal rescue group called Pawsitive Connections for the past couple of years now and I am planning a fundraiser I am really excited about.  It is called Pounds for Hounds and it is similar to a walk a thon but instead of walking the goal is to see how much weight i can lose. I am hoping that having the opportunity to raise money forPC and having to put my weight out there for you all to see will give me the pressure to help me accomplish my weight loss goal (while at the same time helping out PC).
Here is a little info on Pawsitive Connections:
Our plan is to build a non-profit sanctuary in Kingsburg, which will enhance people’s lives through community involvement and the healing power of animals.  This dream just became a whole lot closer to actually coming true when we began leasing 10 acres of wonderful land. Studies have proven that through relationships with animals, people with physical, medical, emotional and mental disabilities heal more quickly and make substantial progress when animals are a part of their therapy and day to day life.
The sanctuary will serve the community through four main objectives.  First, a no-kill sanctuary to receive homeless, abandoned and neglected animals, that are in need of healing themselves.   Second, we will be establishing a training center where the community can be involved, with the guidance of experts, in the loving and training of the animals through volunteerism.  Thirdly, the center will serve as a hub for the animals to be placed in ‘forever homes’ where they are happiest.  Whether it is to bring comfort through visits to a rest home, running agility courses for those with autism or spending the afternoon on horseback for those with other disabilities, these animals have tremendous power to heal! And fourth, to provide a sanctuary to those animals that may not fit into one of the programs mentioned above.  

So please email me if you have any questions! If you would like to sponsor me please fill your info in on the form and I will add it to my master list.
And if you know anyone who would like to participate in this fundraiser, either as a pledger or as someone looking for a little extra motivation to lose weight feel free to forward this message to them!

The link below is for the pledge form and letter explaining a little more about the fundraiser. Please view the attachment.

Google doc for pledge form and letter

-- Danielle Nunez

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